Recently, employees in many companies were asked to work from home due to COVID-19. This was a major change for many people to adjust to. Even employees with previous experience working from home found it difficult to complete their normal responsibilities due to the disturbance of the workflow.

A lot of research has been done on the “work from home” subject and researchers came up with many ideas to improve work performance in this setting. Some of the proven ways that can help you be more productive and focused during this time are given here.


Designate a specific part of your home/apartment for work during core working hours. This means that you should create a working space with no disturbances. It is not necessary to make a lavish office in your home because not all of us can have that luxury. Even a small table in the kitchen can work, as long as it is specified for working during certain hours. The book “Getting Things Done” explains the phenomenon that creating highly focused time pockets for work can help you be amazingly productive.


Family matters are completely different from work matters. Establishing a secure space is extremely important to keep the work-life and family-life separate. When you are working, you should create boundaries for family members to prevent them from entering your workspace during certain hours. Family members or roommates nearby can accidentally hear confidential calls made in your office if the space is not secured properly.


According to research, people become less productive when the time limit is lifted from work. If you do not remind yourself to power down at a certain time, your work-life and family-life will suffer equally. It can create an irregular environment and make you less productive. Creating a specific time pocket of work is essential and having a power-down strategy is crucial.


Working from home can put a barrier between you and your colleagues. You could be a social star in your office but in a work-from-home environment, you can lose this charm. Research has proven that small chats during the workday can have a beneficial effect on your work and you will become more productive. You should try to recognize others for their work and show appreciation so a positive connection can still be maintained from home.


In the office, there is usually always someone to take over your responsibilities if you need to leave urgently. Working from home can disturb this hierarchy so you should make special arrangements in case you need to leave in an emergency, especially if you have caregiving responsibilities. Having a person to support your work even when you have to leave in an emergency can have a positive impact on productivity. It will relieve some of the stress caused by working at home.


Technology is paving the way to work at home. Apart from other distractions, social media can also cause hurdles in the work environment especially when nobody is watching. Data has shown that, on average, people receive over 100 notifications per day from social media and look at their phones over 50 times a day. You can install productivity apps on your mobile to keep yourself focused. These apps can also help you set a work routine and keep a list of your important tasks so you will not get distracted. Some apps also specialize in blocking your notifications so you can focus on work.

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