In today’s world, hiring professionals for home projects can bring many problems. Not only does it drain your pockets, it can also leave an after-work mess. To avoid these problems, more and more people are opting for “do it yourself” (DIY) home projects. Well, no points for guessing– today, we will talk about some DIY ideas for BUNK BEDS & KIDS SPACES for your home!


Besides making your kids feel like the king of the castle, BUNK BEDS are great when it comes to saving space. BUNK BEDS are typically designed to accommodate two kids, with a normal bed in the lower section and an upper loft bed typically accessible by stairs or a ladder.

Today, we will talk about some simple yet unique ideas to make a special bunk bed that will make your kids go head over heels.

Let’s start with the upper section accessibility. To make it safe and convenient for kids to climb up to the top bed, make a spiral staircase wide enough to accommodate two kids at once. It is important to keep in mind that there is a chance that your kids can get hurt while climbing onto the bed. You must make the staircase as safe as possible! Now it is time to decorate the staircase. Mark the stairs with paw marks designs of their favorite cartoon personality–let your kids follow their favorite heroes’ footsteps (this also helps keeping them safe)!

Secondly, if you choose to go the adventurous way, you can hang a rope with knots from the ceiling so that your kids can climb up or down. This will not only give your kids that Tarzan feeling, but is also a great way to keep them active and fit.

Thirdly, for that little princess of yours, throw in some curtains with the colors of her choice. This will give her that “little privacy” she always wanted.


When brainstorming on how to beautify our KIDS SPACES, the first thoughts that come to mind are vibrant and glowing colors. Well, here are some ideas that can help you make your kids spaces lively and trendy.

  1. Make a large ruler design with inches and millimeters marked by the door. This will add that unique look to the KIDS SPACES that looks great and also gives you a chance to track how fast your kids are growing.

  2. Use old pallets to make a shoe rack for your kids. Sounds odd? Well, it is pretty simple. If you wish to make a shoe rack, just pin the pallet vertically onto the wall so that you kids can insert shoes into the gaps of the pallet. This is an easy way to make a wonderful homemade shoe rack.

  3. Make one of the walls of the KIDS SPACES a wall of art. You don’t need to spend a fortune to complete this project. As a matter of fact, it is very cost effective! All you need is a color that your kids love and some picture frames of various sizes and we are all set. Paint one of the walls with the color of your kid’s choice (preferably the side that is viewed the most). Secondly, take all the drawings that your kids have made, frame them, and put them up on the painted wall. There you have it: a “wall of art” for your kids. This will not only make them happy, but also give you the chance to frame your kid’s childhood. 

  4. Another brilliant idea for your KIDS SPACES is headboards with T-shirts. Yes that’s right, don’t throw away those T-shirts that your kids have outgrown. Cut equal rectangles of the logos or imprints of those T-shirts and staple them or glue them nicely on any regular headboard. This will not only personalize your KIDS SPACES but also keep them close to those lovely T-shirts they never wanted to let go.

With these ideas in mind, we are sure you are eager to start your own little project for your home, so we won’t hold you back any longer. All the best with your project!

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