If you currently have a lot of free time on your hands, then you probably feel ready to do some remodeling that you have set aside to flip a house that you have seen in the market. One of the most important things to think about is the flooring you want to install. After doing the ceilings and the paint, flooring is the next logical step.

When you think about flooring, you don’t just want something that is appealing or attractive. You also need to make sure that style meets practicality. This way, the flooring will last past the trends of the season, and it won’t fade over time. Flooring is part of the foundation of your house, so replacing it constantly could be costly and inconvenient down the road.

As such, here is a list of trendy and practical flooring options that will look magnificent with any home decor you decide to use.

Vinyl Flooring

Thanks to the innovations in technology, even vinyl flooring can look a lot like natural wood or stone. Aside from that, there are many patterns to choose from, which is what buyers love about this particular flooring option. Moreover, the beautiful looks that come from vinyl flooring can be achieved effortlessly. Vinyl does not require a lot of upkeep or maintenance, and they’re not that difficult to clean. Some options for vinyl flooring include buying waterproof vinyl. Others opt to go for the more affordable alternative, which is vinyl sheets that come in an array of beautiful patterns. Also mentioned a while ago, where wood and stone vinyl tiles that mimic the look of natural stone and wood. These include looks like marble, travertine, and limestone. Finally, there is the more decorative vinyl flooring which offers designs such as stained glass, geometric designs, or trellises.

Tile Flooring

Tiles are the traditional flooring options that never go out of style because of their classic look, durability, and versatility. Some tiles are naturally waterproof, like the glazed tile. As such, you can use it in any part of the house to create a seamless look between your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. It can go practically anywhere! Some tiles look a lot like marble but are not as expensive so that you can have an elegant finish to your home at a more affordable price. One of the trends for tile flooring is to also go for other geometric shapes. Squares are very old-fashioned. Tiles can be in all sorts of shapes now, such as fan tile, arabesque tiles, and hexagonal tiles. Like vinyl, tiles are easy to clean and very durable, so these will probably last you a long time.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, particularly engineered hardwood, is also another popular option amongst people this year. This may be because this flooring option requires low maintenance, and it is also an affordable option compared with solid hardwood. With a veneer surface made from real wood incorporated with some man-made materials, engineered hardwood floors still give off a traditional look but with the added benefit of durability. In addition, there are options available for water-resistant needs. You can use these engineered hardwood floors for any areas that are prone to moisture or dampness in your house. These floorings also come in a lighter shade for people who want their home to look lighter and brighter. If this isn’t the option for you, you can also try the hand-scraped or wire-brushed options that give a more rugged look in their pattern with ingrained scrapes or wire scratches in the details.

Laminate Flooring

Finally, there is laminate flooring. Although it mimics the appearance of solid hardwood, it is perfect for residential or commercial spaces. This is because laminate has that appealing look that is pleasant to everyone, but it also requires low upkeep. Moreover, it comes at a much more affordable price than hardwood but with almost the same durability. Like hardwood flooring, you can choose water-resistant, and light looks for your laminate flooring. They also come in wide plan designs. Or, if you want a more natural hardwood look, you can go for the variation design, which gives a rustic look as no two planks would look similar in the design.


There are a lot of flooring options that will probably last beyond this year. All of them are practical choices, thanks to their durability, affordability, and versatility. But most of all, they do not sacrifice the look or quality of your home décor with their low price points. So if you’re looking to install excellent flooring for your remodeling or your new home, these are the top choices for you.

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