Need some thematic inspiration for interior design? Or maybe you’re interested in styles that are popular and want to learn more?

If so, then you’re in the right place. Here are several styles for interior design that you might find appealing. In reality, they are often mixed, or various elements are added, but that’s where the fun begins as you look for ways to mix and match that are tasteful, not tacky. Of course, there are many different styles, these are just some of the styles to select from. Get creative and have some fun!


This style has its roots in the industrial era at the end of the century. Emphasis is placed on the liberal use of steel that is aligned with worn wood elements. They are often supplemented by brick on the walls. A more modern variant of this style involves accented copper tones. In terms of some general feeling, the industrial decorative style looks mature and rustic. Industrial decor has many variations, from a rugged vintage look that emphasizes ornamentation to a modern rustic with clean lines. Following your taste, you can opt for a darker, raw design or a lighter chic look.

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This style is warm, positive, and relaxing. Nautical design is also known as coastal style. It reflects the spirit of New England beach houses. Characteristic of the nautical style is the base in white or sand, with blue as the main highlight. As for the materials used, the decoration involves unfinished wood in chairs and tables, combined with chic linen for sofas and armchairs in the living room. From the additional elements, you can choose models of sailboats, nautical charts, shells in jars, and other naval tools.


It is one modern approach to hut-inspired interior design. Landscaping in itself should take you to the countryside. An integral part of the farm decor is to bring in and arrange dried lavender and other greenery in jardiniere and pots. The materials can be characterized by coated canvas and worn wood. In color, it is similar to the nautical style, with greater use of white and beige color.

Urban Modern Style

Urban Modern

This design comes from modern lofts in big cities. Urban modernism has, in some ways, become a fusion of opposing and complementary traits. Larger furniture should be modest and evenly elegant. You are free to opt for innovative furniture designs. Mini tables, mirrors, and pillows in urban decor often require a dose of creative and artistic expression.

Contemporary French

The design of this interior is certainly not lacking in romance, thanks to the pastel, delicate colors that are combined with the furniture in white tones. French style is characterized by wrought iron details, such as a staircase. Picture frames and gilded decorations are also an integral part of this style. The basic things that make up this style are the wealth of materials, carved furniture, crystal chandeliers. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also typical for French style. They can be a perfect sight if properly decorated with beautiful French curtains made of transparent materials or heavy silk curtains decorated with fringes.

There are many more styles to choose from, as well as to mix-and-match. The key here is moderation. Find a style that you really like and then mix it throughout your whole home. Doing a full theme in a room can be fun but make sure it ties into the rest of the house in some way. You can accomplish this through colors and texture. Be creative and enjoy yourself!

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