When I read this article, it took me back to early 2016 when I first decided to move from the East Coast to California. I didn’t know anybody in CA at the time but I just knew in my soul that this was the right thing for me to do. I had a few Angel winks (or coincidences as some would call them) that laid out a seemingly perfect path, and one of those was my real estate agent, Tiffanie. She was amazing at helping me with my cross-country buying journey. From January to April I divided my time in half between both coasts; I spent a lot of time doing online research back East and then driving the area and visiting neighborhoods when I was in the West. I kept very good notes about where neighborhoods were located, which I would be interested in (and which I wasn’t, equally important), and all of that helped Tiffanie in finding me the beautiful home and neighborhood I love today. I followed the 10 steps, ironically, in the exact same order as you see listed.

What was your experience like or, if you’re still in the midst of it, what things are you enjoying most/least?



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