The Southern California real estate market is hot. So you went the traditional route, hired an agent and listed your home expecting a quick sale. You may have spent weeks or even months upending your life to prepare for open houses and viewings, or shelled out additional money for home staging and lawn service to keep it ready to show. You’ve done everything by the book, but your property still hasn’t sold? 

My Home Didn’t Sell – What Now?

Few people expect it, or have the financial means and schedule flexibility to weather a lengthy real estate sales process. If you didn’t sell quickly, it can leave you feeling confused about what to do next and frustrated with the timing based on your personal circumstance. In the market, your listing can become “stale” creating the perception that you’re desperate and making you feel vulnerable to scammers or lowball offers. While your need to sell may be more urgent now, that doesn’t mean you need to significantly lower your asking price or take just any offer. So what’s next? 

You can create a new and different type of buzz about your property if you consider some lesser-known, but exciting alternatives. Private sellers just like you can tap into an entirely different type of market by working directly with real estate investors. Surprised? Many people are. You can do this with or without an existing agent, and the process is easier than you think. More importantly, there are multiple, significant benefits to you: 

  • All-cash offers
  • Simplified transactions, often with no inspection, appraisal or financing contingencies
  • Faster escrow 
  • Flexible scheduling

Your perfect buyer is out there and we can help you find them! Learn the difference between individual investors and investor groups and what opportunities they’re looking for. Find out how you can meet all types of investors to expand the visibility of your property quickly. Understand what investors need from you to evaluate your property instantly. Finally, get the simple tips and techniques you can use to create a new excitement about your property, and spark a healthy competition for multiple offers. Request a copy of our 15-page report to learn more! Be sure to mention the report in your comments so we know to send it to you. 

My Home Didn't Sell - What Now?
My Home Didn’t Sell – What Now?

When it comes to title and escrow, we’ve got you! Whether you’re working with an agent, or currently out of contract, we have title and escrow teams who can facilitate the closing process and make it easy. We’re happy to recommend several so you can select your own and feel confident in the process.  

We have proven systems that we follow and we value honesty and integrity in every interaction. We’re happy to provide referrals as well as answer questions and ease your concerns. If you’re ready to take the next step and sell your home, we can help you do this quickly and hassle-free.

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