Post-quarantine I want to celebrate freedom and travel to my number 1 bucket destination: Santorini Greece! A gorgeous island in the southern Aegean Sea. As I dream, I will go there for my 7-10 day vacation and start my post-quarantine life with a bang. Join me, won’t you?

Santorini is a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful whitewashed houses and blue churches. Witnessing the sunset from the west coast is already worth the trip on its own. I like to find ways to avoid big crowds. That’s why this is the best time for me to go. Before mass tourism starts to gain momentum again. I will witness Santorini in relative seclusion immediately post quarantine. I will spend most of my time overlooking the coastline from dizzying heights, strolling along multi-colored beaches formed by the volcano, sailing, swimming in the clear water, and finishing my days in a charming restaurant to join the locals for authentic Greek cuisine. Oh, and I will sleep in a nice modern hotel because, let’s be honest, everyone loves a little luxury on their holiday. 

My Santorini Greece must-sees

Seeing the sunset in Oia is a must that I just need to experience. The sunset images of Santorini are pretty much the singular reason why Santorini became a popular destination. The best thing is that I already discovered a gorgeous spot next to the 3 blue domes where I can enjoy a little solitude. Watching the sunset from the west coast of Santorini for 7 days straight is no punishment I can tell you.

Santorini is a volcanic island and home of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in European history about 3600 years ago. A huge caldera is all that is left of this active volcano. Sailing along the coast and then into the caldera is an absolute must. Every day, boats leave the docks to set sail. You can choose from large tourist boats to private boats with a local guide. Guess what I will do? I always wanted to sail with a catamaran racing over the water. The trip will include sailing into the crater of the volcano itself. And of course, we can jump from the boat and have a swim in the active volcano. An experience of a lifetime for sure. For sure I will be in for a delicious Greek meal after a day of activities.

Experiencing local cuisine

Along the popular west coast, it is hard to find picturesque eateries. I will make my way into the inner parts of the island often, to find tucked away Greek restaurants and indulge in delicious original Greek cuisine. Pyrgos is a charming and quiet town where I will surely find places of my liking. One of the restaurants I will definitely give a visit is The Good Heart restaurant in Akrotiri. They make homemade food accompanied by self-made local wines. I am already looking forward to my first Mousaka and Fava while sipping on the local wines Assyrtico and Vinsantano.

Eating in Santorini is not complete without hunting for the best snack in Greece, the gyros. A local already advised me to go to Yogi when I visit Santorini’s capital Fira. I will certainly go there to start my extensive comparative study on the best gyros of the island.

Visiting the lush vineyards of Santorini nestled in the volcanic landscape is a great way to explore the island. There are many gorgeous vineyards worth visiting, thus I already included Estate Argyros, Art Spaces, and Boutari Winery on my shortlist.

Where to sleep?

I don’t mind going around all day and get a bit dusty and sweaty as long as I have a nice hotel to freshen up and sleep like a baby. The west coast of Santorini has the most to offer when it comes to nice modern hotels to spend the night. Imerovigli is a great area to stay with beautiful views, charming restaurants, and good hotels without becoming overcrowded. So that is the place to be for me. There are several options on my shortlist, I probably opt for the Gorgona Villas, The Rocks, or the Sensas Suites. All have amazing views, nice modern rooms, delicious breakfast and beautiful pools for a dip.

I can’t wait to travel again and to my number 1 bucket list destination, Santorini Greece. Post quarantine here I come!

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