I live in a Mediterranean climate for a reason: I love the warm, non-humid, and predictable weather found in the South Western Coast of the US in California. Outside of the Mediterranean Basin, there are only a few small areas with a similar climate. As I dream about post-quarantine travel, these areas are places I want to see … to compare notes of course– haha! These locations include the Western Cape in South Africa, central Chile, southern Western Australia, and the coastal areas of South Australia.

Next up for this gal is the Southwestern tip of Western Australia!

I really want to enjoy beautiful vineyards, natural beaches, caves, forests, and other captivating sights in south western Australia. I’m so excited that I will have the opportunity to explore its coast, which extends for over 1000 kilometers! As I learned, there are 24 national parks in this area that exude wildlife and nature, with rich fertile land that provides a lot of foodies.

One of the first places I want to visit is William Bay, located in South West WA. It is absolutely stunning. The beauty of this natural treasure is simply inexplicable. The place is backed by iconic structures, famous wine regions, exhilarating experiences, and much more. But on the way there, I will have to start from Perth.

I imagine I will rent a car and begin a morning drive from Perth to Bunbury, where I will stop to pick up some quality handmade cheese at Harvey Cheese. One of the most specific features of Bunbury is that it is known as the “City of Three Waters,” named for its bay, inlet, and beach. I will likely stop to visit the Dolphin Discovery Center, where beautiful and amazing wild bottlenose dolphins come every single morning between September and April.

The Margaret River Region is another fascinating sight that I have been dreaming about. I am terribly excited to visit this region that makes up 20% of Australia’s premium wine production.

Their cabernet sauvignons and chardonnays are especially impressive.

After breakfast in the hotel, I will hire a driver and take a day-long tour visiting some of the famous region’s wineries. Vasse Felix, one of the first and most famous wineries in Margaret River, will surely be a top destination. It’s absolutely charming, with a specially designed lounge bar with a beautiful view across the region. I also plan to visit Windows Estate and Wills Domain, both of which are known for having the best regional food.

I can take a swim in front of the Yallingup resort, where the water is rip-free, flat, and protected by the surrounding reef. Six kilometers away is Ngilgi’s huge cavern. Hmm, maybe I will do an Aboriginal cultural tour, too!

I almost forgot Sugarloaf Rock on my list – a stunning lookout with a rock formation which shows south western Australia in its full shine – and if I have time, I’ll climb the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse.

On the sixth or seventh day, I will head around 40 kilometers south to Augusta, which has a different micro climate, so the weather is always a few degrees warmer compared to the rest of the region. I’ll travel to take a whale watching tour. Humpback whales come here every year to flirt (unique experience). An indispensable part of this visit is a Blue Ocean restaurant, which prepares exclusively fresh fish.

For the last two days, I’ll dedicate myself to exploring Denmark. At Rickety Gate wines, I am going to take a country lunch or some vegan dishes. To make my meal even more enjoyable, I will go for a long walk on Bibbulmun Track, which stretches from Perth to Albany. I also heard that Mrs. Jones Cafe is an ideal place for breakfast, so who knows …

Of course, all these days will be interspersed with unforgettable night outs, and I hope that the local population will help me with that.

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