The traditional craft of stained glass has a history. These are the names of 7 of what’s considered to be the most beautiful stained-glass windows: La Sagrada Familia, Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz, Iran, Coventry Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, Santuário Dom Bosco, Chicago Cultural Center, Reims Cathedral.

The use of stained glass to beautify homes is gaining tremendous popularity. It wasn’t that long ago when we associated stained glasses with old buildings, mainly church windows with blocks of different colors. However, the trends have changed and stained window glasses are a trendy addition to the design and décor of modern homes. People who have seen impressive designs and innovative ways in which they can be used are keen to use some beautiful pieces of stained glasses in their homes.

La Sagrada Familia
Al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz, Iran
Chicago Cultural Center


The credit of making the use of stained glasses popular should go to chick modern designs and thousands of shades and patterns that they are available in. Gone are the days when stained glasses meant glass sheets in loud colors.

Today, you find stained glasses in a myriad variety of colors, shades, patterns, sizes, and quality. There is a high level of aesthetics in the shades and designs. Big brands, celebrated artists, and skilled workmanship are giving the business of stained glass a new meaning.

The variety offers more choices and flexibility to builders and designers to integrate stained glass in beautifying homes. Stained glasses can be used in doorways and windows. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you have more space, you can use them elsewhere as well.

Innovation and passion are driving the industry to newer heights. Professionals involved in the business of stained glasses are making sure that your investment in stained glasses counts by giving you a higher curb appeal.


Stained glass windows, doors, partitions, cabinet doors are bringing a lot of aesthetic appeal to your home. They add a distinctive touch of beauty, style, and refinement to your home décor. They give a new profile to the light and color that enter your living space. Stained glasses give you a feeling of being in a fantasy land. Don’t they?

Besides, stain glasses are opaque and this means you can maintain your privacy and at the same time, you are not denied light or illumination. Privacy is a big advantage that stained sunglasses can bring to your home.

In Southern California where the climate is mostly dry and warm, you need windows that prevent the hot winds from entering the home. Stained glass windows can do that with a touch of color, aesthetics, and style. They keep your home sunny but shut off the hot outside environment.


Stained glasses can have endless applications in your home. You can use imagination and innovativeness to find new applications for this decorative glass. Have a sense of how it plays with light and color and that will make your job easier. Here, we are going to discuss some of the use cases:


Using glass in the entrance doors is quite common. You can use stained glass instead. With so many designs available from light shades to unique designs, stained glass can make anyone’s entry to your home a bit more special. You can have stained glass whimsies in the transoms.


Stained glasses are more popular as a decoration for the windows. There are many types and sizes of windows in a home. They can be ordinary and average size to floor-to-ceiling type. These offer more opportunities to use stained glass in your home. You can choose the designs and patterns as per your need for privacy and light.


Stained glasses can be used in the windows, doors, ceilings, lightings, and cupboard doors in the dining room. And, they can be used everywhere from the dining room to the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. While choosing the design and pattern, you should take into account the overall architecture, light, and color.

Using a glass tabletop is pretty common but more often this is simple and transparent glass. However, you can bring a twist to the dining table by using a tabletop of stained glass.


Stained glass can give your bathroom a different kind of charm and aesthetic appeal. Windows can allow light to enter and keep this part of your home naturally laminated. They also offer you complete privacy from the outside world.

You can also use stained glass in other creative ways, such as sinks and “back lit” countertops.


The use of stained glass to beautify homes has become popular. However, with all the charming designs and patterns that stained glasses come in, nobody is complaining about them for being old-fashioned. You have only good things to look forward to.

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