Covid-19 – The Human Factor

By Melissa

We are seeing a lot of information being shared about what’s happening “tactically” with the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope that you won’t ignore my message here because it’s one of hope.

Is Professional Photography Important?

Importance of Using Professional Photography When Selling Your Home

By Melissa

Using professional photography when selling your home can make the selling process much easier. Think about it – buyers want to visualize a property not read about it. A photo that piques the buyer’s interest can make a difference in how quickly you’ll sell your home.

Clean out your closet and make a difference

Clean Out Your Closet and Make a Difference

By Melissa

Cleaning out our closets can be a headache, especially when our friends are coming over to visit and we find ourselves unprepared and with no clue where to start.

The Benefits of Selling Your Home to an Investor

By Melissa

People sell their homes for different purposes. Some of them want to move to a new state and there are those who want to upgrade into a bigger or better place. If you are a private homeowner, it’s challenging to sell your home at first, especially if you have zero experience. But once you have…

Six ways to benefit in real estate Investing

Six Ways To Benefit From Real Estate Investing

By Melissa

There are many benefits in investing in real estate. There are six ways you, as an investor or home owner, can add to your investment portfolio.

Xotic Pups

Puppy “Sizzle”

By Melissa

I’ve found that being a pet owner has given me a different appreciation for adding “sizzle features” during home remodeling. When I first bought my home in the Spring of 2016, it wasn’t because of the big fenced in back yard, or because the neighborhood was dog-friendly, or even because it had an extra sliding…

Stop Striving for Mere Success

By Melissa

I have a goal this year to read at least one book a quarter (or more) that helps to enrich my life or change my way of thinking. One of my favorite books of all time is The Generosity Factor by Kenneth Blanchard. I read it at least once a year (it doesn’t count toward…

How to Buy a House in 10 Steps

By Melissa

When I read this article, it took me back to early 2016 when I first decided to move from the East Coast to California. I didn’t know anybody in CA at the time but I just knew in my soul that this was the right thing for me to do. I had a few Angel…

Capturing Design Ideas

By Melissa

I’m often asked… … where I get my design ideas from. Some I create on my own, sometimes I hire a designer, but often I’ve seen an idea somewhere else and later found the “perfect spot” for it. One of my favorite aspects of being in the real estate industry is going to homes that…

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