For many people, it has been quite challenging to follow a fitness routine and healthy diet during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is easy to neglect our health when worries about contracting the virus are constantly plaguing our minds. With most gyms being closed, it is difficult to feel motivated to stay in shape. However, staying active and healthy during self-isolation can be simple and also fun!

Staying Healthy During the Lockdown

It is important to take care of both our mind and body. The quarantine prevents us from going to many places and interacting with friends, co-workers, and even family. As a result, our stress levels can increase quickly, which is why it is so important to prioritize our health.

Breathing, Meditation and Other activities to Lower Stress

If you find yourself stressed out and/or with anxiety, working on your breathing can be very simple yet effective. Breathing slowly and deeply for around a minute can significantly help regulate stress levels.

Additionally, meditation and yoga have long been used by many to center themselves and face their day in the best way.

Cooking Habits

Our cooking habits are an essential element for a healthy lifestyle during the quarantine. Cooking at home has positive effects on our health even if we aren’t following the healthiest of diets. Plus, it provides the added benefit of keeping you active during the whole time it takes you to prepare your meals.

One of my friends loves to cook and finds making hearty meals is also fun and relaxing. What’s your favorite meal to cook?

Sleep Enough Hours

A good night of sleep has a myriad of benefits. At least 7 hours of sleep every night are vital in order for your body to handle all the responsibilities we have with our family and our work. The most relevant benefits of a good night of rest include:

* Improved brain function

* Improved mental health

* Enhanced mood

* Stronger immune system

Physical Activity at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic not only caused the temporary — but prolonged — closure of gyms, but also made it dangerous to go outside to exercise. Consequently, it is necessary to discover new ways to stay physically active and maintain fitness.

Although developing a sedentary lifestyle can happen easily while being at home all day, creating a routine to keep us in good shape can be just as simple. Here are some effective ways for you to stay active during the quarantine:

Start a home Fitness routine

Exercising with moderate intensity for around 2 hours every week should be a must-do for everyone during self-isolation. For this purpose, there are multiple exercises to do at home that do not require any equipment.

Following a fitness routine will have many positive effects on your health such as:

* Maintaining your desired weight

* Strengthening your defenses

* Improving your mood and mental health.

NOTE: Before working out, make sure you know how to do all the exercises correctly to avoid injuries.

Stand and walk every 30 minutes

After half an hour of sitting, whether you are working at your desk or just watching TV on the couch, set an alarm to stand and move your body. Spend some minutes stretching, walking around the house, or taking a walk outside as long as you can do it at a safe distance from other people. Doing so helps you to not only stay active but also clears your mind. My dogs are my excuse, what’s yours?

One of my friends lives by the beach and loves to go for frequent walks.

Take an entertaining break

Doing fun activities such as gardening, dancing, or playing with your family will help you reduce sedentary behavior. Besides, you will also relieve some stress caused by the uncertainty brought by the pandemic.

One of my friends like to work on his car for relaxation. What is your favorite form of relaxation?

Do whatever you can in your power to fight the negative impact of COVID-19, but also do your best to avoid the spread of the virus by staying safe at home. Moreover, there is always the option to seek professional help if you feel too overwhelmed by the current situation. 

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