Dreamin’ Big About Post-Quarantine Travel! Cabo San Lucas

By Melissa

Cabo has beautiful beaches, heavenly delicious food, endless adventures, and vibrant nightlife. What more can you ask for?

The Big Entrance: Make a statement from the start

By Melissa

Entrance ways might be one of the most crucial spaces in our homes. Let’s get some closer insight into creating a breathtaking entranceway.

Dreamin’ Big About Post Quarantine Travel to Fiji Islands

By Melissa

At Fiji Islands, visitors can expect the friendly spirit of the locals, many breathtaking beaches, terrain accented with rainforests, and much more.

Home Buying: Make the right offer and get noticed

By Melissa

The most crucial thing when buying an investment property is to make an outstanding offer above the competition. We have compiled a list of reasons and ways to beat your competition with the right offer.

Why Appraisals Are So Critical To Your Home Purchase

By Melissa

A home appraisal is a fair and professional opinion of the true value of a home. Let’s discuss the importance of home appraisals.

Dreamin’ About Post-Quarantine Travel! Egypt

By Melissa

With each day in quarantine, I became more fascinated with researching activities and cultural experiences that would give me a real taste of Egypt.

Why are you so afraid to sell your home?

By Melissa

Selling your home during this ongoing crisis can be stressful. This article will give you a new perspective on how to go about sealing the deal in the best way possible.

Being Productive Working From Home

By Melissa

A lot of research has been done on the “work from home” subject and researchers came up with many ideas to improve work performance in this setting. Some of the proven ways that can help you be more productive and focused during this time are given here.

How You Can Buy A Home

By Melissa

Many of us want to buy a home, but obstacles such as limited earning, lack of savings, and additional expenses make it nearly impossible to plan the next step. In this article, we will discuss some proven ways to accomplish this goal, even with an inflexible budget.

Fitness and Staying Active During COVID Quarantine

By Melissa

I find it inspirational to write blogs about things I’m interested in and want to learn more about. This one is a “reminder to self” that I need to stay active and healthy during isolation, despite how busy I find myself working from home.

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